Just as exercise is important to your pet so is affection. Some Bengals don't like to be held or restrained. It's a matter of personal choice and if you find ways to be affectionate that go along with your cats’ own personal preferences you will both be happier. The reward for loving your Bengal on its own terms will be an intense bond with a sweet and loving addition to your family. It doesn't get any better than that.

If you have a Bengal that's a lap cat enjoy. I am constantly amazed by the intensity of my own reaction to the various Bengals that cuddle with me throughout the day. Humans are very visual and mine have a need to make eye contact with me while being loved. It's remarkably intense for me, almost telepathic in some ways. The small changes in their facial expressions communicate a wide arrange of emotions. Sometimes I swear I can tell what they are thinking.

Play time can also be a form of affection. You will find that play time that includes interaction with you we bill enthusiatically received by your friend. Make time for it!

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