Feline Acne

This condition is really quite common. It can be barely noticeable to quite painful and severe. The condition is caused by several things, hormones, improper grooming, allergies and plastic dishes, however, despite the cause it is overactive sebaceous glands generally on the chin area that become infected with bacteria. It can look like Flea dirt or small black granules in mild causes or can be large swollen pimples with black dirt in more severe cases. In the severe cases it is often painful.


Hormonal surges or imbalances can cause the sebaceous glands to overproduce oils and normal skin bacteria enter and infection follows, causing pimples or in most cases with cats the black dirt on the chin.

The solution for hormonal acne is to first have your vet verify it is hormonal. Generally a blood test will reveal this. If the cat is a valuable breeder sometimes hormones can be prescribed to balance them out. Be sure to discuss the pros and cons of administering hormones to your cat, as with any medication given there may be dangers or unwanted side effects.

Another option is to spay or neuter the cat. This should bring back to balance the hormones, however there may be cases in which this will not help entirely.

Improper Grooming/Plastic Dishes

Lets face it its hard for a cat to keep his or her chin clean especially if they do not have a grooming buddy. Most of the commercial foods we feed are typically a bit greasy or fatty. When eating in plastic dishes the oils from the food stick to the sides of the bowel as well as bacteria and can cause the sebaceous glands to go on overload and lend a hand in bacterial infection.

The solution is to swap from plastic and move on to stainless steel, glass or ceramic dishes and clean them thoroughly daily with soap and water.. Gentile cleansing of the area daily will help clear it up and cleansing of the area several times a week should keep it at bay. (see Cleansing Techniques below)

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