Glop recipe (weight gainer/formula substitute)

1pkg Knox unflavored gelatin
1 12oz can evap milk or goats milk
10oz distilled water or pedialyte unflavored
2tablespoons best food mayonnaise
2 tablespoons yogurt plain or vanilla (highest fat available)
1 teaspoon Karo light syrup
1 or 2 egg yolks (do not use shell to separate, rather use spoons, shot glasses or fingers then gently rinse yolk under cold water before adding)

This recipe can be halved to minimize waste

Bring water to light boil, remove from heat, add gelatin and stir until dissolved. Add the remaining ingredients and blend thoroughly. Put in airtight container such as jar with screw on lid. Will remain good for about 4 days. DO NOT return unused portions to main supply. This formula will be congealed when cold and return to liquid when warmed before serving.

Depending upon kittens needs weights and ages to determine amount. Generally for a 12 week old kitten needing supplement or weight gain about 2 tablespoons 3x a day will suffice if kittens is readily uptaking this and seems to desire more at each feeding increase amount per serving. When kitten is obtained desired weight or general health decrease or stop all together the feedings. If diarrhea occurs stop feeding.

It is important that kitten also take in its normal kibble and or canned intake per day as well. It is normal to see a bit of decrease in canned/kibble intake when supplemented. A significant decrease in consumption of kibble and canned is a spoiled child decrease the amount of formula.

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